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Toys 'R' Us Is Reportedly Preparing To Close All Of Its US Stores

The beloved toy store "Toys 'R' Us" may be closing their U.S. doors for good!

Fast Company reported the company that has been open since 1948 plans on shutting down it's stores in the U.S. and liquidate it's assets.

Via Fast Company:

The onetime biggest toy store in the world has been struggling to stay afloat in a changing retail environment (hi, Amazon!). After flagging sales, the U.S. branch of the company went into bankruptcy proceedings in September, hoping to restructure its debt. The company reportedly took out a $3.1 billion loan to keep the stores open during the holidays, hoping that would be enough to turn the toy store around, but Christmas sales were worse than expected. Unless a buyer emerges soon (hi, Amazon?) Toys “R” Us may have no choice but to shutdown its U.S. operations and sell off its stock of bikes and trains and video games.