From left to right: Dubba-AA, Nba Youngboy, Dj Swift (photo courtesy of DJ Swift)

Producer DJ Swift Talks Youngboy "Neva Broke Again" Beats

Meet producer Dj Swift, the man behind the beats of NBA Youngboy's "Neva Broke Again" off the new album Until Death Call My Name. Born and raised in Tampa, Dj Swift got his first shot with Youngboy in early 2016.

“Youngboy used one of my beats from YouTube for a record of his called “Murder”. After hearing the record I reached out to him on Instagram and ever since then he been lil' bro.”

When asked about Diamond Teeth Samurai Dj Swift says “Honestly I made that beat for St Pete artists Project Youngin & Og Boobie Black. Project Youngin ended up letting NBA Youngboy use the record in the studio one day.” The beat sounds like Hot Boy, Lil Wayne, and Old Cash Money crew. You can hear the reference in Youngboy's newest track to Lil Wayne's The Block Is Hot record.
“The vision behind the beat was just a melodic bounce that can sound good in the club."

When asked what advice he had for producers trying to work with big artists he had this to say, "Honestly don’t waste all your time chasing after the big artist. Two things I believe in are finding one artist to work/grind with, and reaching out to artists that are buzzing locally in multiple regions. Hopefully one will become huge and keep you on their team."