Justin Sullivan / Staff

Georgia Family Harasses And Attacks Two Black Female Soldiers

An incident occurred last night at a Cheddar's restaurant located in Macon, Georgia.

Allegedly the incident started when to two woman soldiers went around this family in the parking lot while they were reversing into a handicap spot.

Via Hollywood Unlocked:

According to the witness, Judy Tucker,72, and her son, Robbie, followed the two women inside of the restaurant from a parking lot on Saturday evening. The family called the two women “black b*tches” and made a comment saying “I didn’t know they allowed lesbians to serve”.

Tucker and her son confronted the two women while waiting to be seated by a hostess and the video begins from there. Tucker attempted to grab one of the soldier’s phone while yelling “Don’t you take a picture of me! You do not have the right to take a picture of me!”.The soldier yells to Tucker, “First of all, I’m pregnant!”

Bystanders began to separate the couple and the two women from continuing the fight. Tucker, Robbie, and Tucker’s daughter Angie were subsequently kicked out of the restaurant. Police arrested Tucker on a charge of simple battery and she was booked into Bibb County Jail.