Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff

John Cena Says He's Heartbroken & Will Do Anything To Get Nikki Bella Back

John Cena finally opens up about his breakup with longtime girlfriend and fiance Nikki Bella!

Cena was on the Today show this morning and Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda had to jump into some tough questions with the WWE superstar. Everyone has been wondering what happened the the beautiful couple, who were relationship goals for so many people!

Cena opened up about the fact that Nikki was the one to call off the wedding. However instead of bashing her or talking about dating around he explained the love he has for her, how lucky he was to be her man for 6 years. He explained that he hopes to get back together and is not dating anyone else.

Years ago you may have seen John Cena be selfish in his relationship with Nikki. He never wanted marriage or kids, he was incredibly stubborn. Cena addresses how over time Nikki became his number one, and now he would give her the family she wants and deserves.