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PFUNGSTADT, GERMANY - JULY 11: A Kindergarten teacher accompanies Mathilda, who celebrates her third birthday, in a Kindergarten on July 11, 2013 in Pfungstadt, Germany. According to numbers which were published by German Family minister Kristina Schroeder, the country reached a family-friendly milestone in boosting the number of child care places. More than 800,000 creche spots for under-three-year-olds would be available in the year starting August 1, surpassing a government target by about 30,000.

Why does this still keep happening? A 3-year-old Texas boy died Thursday after being left in a day care van! It was extremely hot that day with temperatures reaching 113 degrees.

The toddler remained in the van after going on a day care field trip and had no way to get out himself. The boy stayed in the van for an estimated four hours and no one realized he was in there UNTIL his dad came to pick him up.