(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Man Steals Live Crabs By Shoving Them Down His Pants

On this episode of DUMB CRIMINALS...

This is not where I'd want to put something with pinching claws but to each his own I suppose. A man in China robbed a seafood restaurant of five live crabs by reaching into the tank and shoving them down his pants.

Security footage caught the man in the act who thought the crabs "looked pretty" and wanted to keep them as pets, according to police. The 58-year-old father-to-two, whose name was only given as Yao, was arrested at his home a few hours later.

To our surprise, this wasn't the first time this man has tried pulling a stunt like this. Apparently, Yao had pulled the same stunt off in January, making off with a half dozen and a set of cutlery.