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Two of the biggest trolls on social media, 50 Cent and Tekashi 6ix9ine, seem to be in a battle of their own on Instagram.

This all started Saturday when for no reason Tekashi decided to call out 50 and others on Instagram.

Flaunting cash 6ix9ine said, “Y’all keep that king of New York sh*t. I already had that. Y’all can have that. I’m the king of Europe, ya heard. Y’all little broke ass kids to me.”

50, who just happened to be in Europe heard about what Tekashi said, and you know he had to respond. “I am so devastated,” 50 said on the IG video. “My son has on a sparkling jacket like Puffy. And he says he no longer wants to be the king of New York. Does this mean 6ix9ine is gay? Does this mean my son is gay?”

Tekashi then responded with a parody of 50’s “In Da Club” that you gotta see to believe. The back and forth on IG continues.