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This story is crazy so buckle up! Two Florida sisters allegedly killed their father so they could split his insurance money but messed everything up when they confessed to their brand new lover.

The sisters said that their father never wanted to be put in an assisted-living-facility so instead they decided to kill him themselves.

The two daughters named Mary-Beth Tomaselli and Linda Roberts confessed to a man that they had both been intimate with and previously met at a bar. Once he realized what they were confessing he turned on his phone and recorded the entire conversation. They went on to say that their dad had been sick and dealing with cancer and dementia so they wanted to kill him instead of seeing him suffer.

They went on to describe killing their father by drugging him with an excessive amount of sleeping pills and alcohol but it didn’t work. Next, they took a pillow to smoother him but after that didn’t work they stuffed a rag down his throat, pinched his nose and he slowly died. They sold his house and split $120,000 of insurance money.

“EMS and deputies responded and found no signs of foul play or trauma, and determined that he died of natural causes. The sisters have been charged with first degree murder and while being interviewed by detectives, both women admitted to the charges.”

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