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A 28-year-old Texas mother is facing up to 20 years in jail because she left her FIVE children at home so she could go on vacation! Her kids range from a 15-month-old to 12-years-old in age and she left them all alone to go to Myrtle Beach more than 1,200 miles away in South Carolina.

She left to go meet a man at the beach and told her older children to take care of the infant while she was gone.

So how did she get caught???

The kids were complaining at school about how tired they were, staying awake all night to change the infant’s diapers. The principle contacted police and when they got to the house they discovered a nightmare.

Police searched the home, looked in the crib and initially thought they found an infant that was was dead! A blanket was covering the 15-month-old but after rubbing its back the baby started breathing. The house smelled like feces, there were dirty diapers in closets, stains on the carpet and accessible knives. Police said the house was a complete mess and disgusting.

They took the children out of the home and arrested the mother. All the kids are now safely with a relative.