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10:00am- 3:00pm

An audience member called 911 after attending comedian Ahmed Ahmed’s show at a South Florida comedy club!

The comedy show happened at “Off The Hook Comedy Club” in Southwest florida. The man who called 911 said Ahmed asked the audience “how many Middle Eastern people were there?” He goes on to tell the dispatcher that “25 muslims” were at the show, and that Ahmed made a joke saying that they could all get together and start their own ” Terrorist organization.” Obiviously it was just a joke but The man who called 911 admitted to the dispatcher that he was uncomfortable after that comment was made. Ahmed responded saying ” I don’t know if it was fear, racism, ignorance or islamophobia, but its unfortunate that somebody was adamant about making it a point to make a 911 call, even the cops were like WTF.”

Hear the 911 call here: