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Orlando & The Freakshow

Weekdays 6AM - 10AM


· Water 1 Gallon/per day/per person
· Dry cereal
· Canned fruits
· Canned vegetables
· Canned juice
· Ready to eat canned soups and meats
· Canned pasta
· Canned beans
· Peanut Butter
· Bread
· Bananas
· Apples
· Oranges
· Crackers
· Nuts
· Granola and energy bars


*First Aid Kit
*Toilette Paper
*Moist Towelletes
*Dish Soap
*Garbage Bags
*Aluminum Foil
*Paper Towels, Plates, Cups
*Plastic Utensils
*Food Containers, Storage bags
*Tool Kit
*Mosquito Repellant
*Rain Gear
*Plastic sheeting
*Duct Tape
*Lighter/Lighter Fluid
*Manual Can Opener
*Fully charged Cell
*Strike-Anywhere Matches

Minimal Prep Foods

@Pasta/Pasta Sauce

Pet & Baby Supplies!!!