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Raven Ford Washes Her Baby Amelia Moe in bleach every other day to stop her skin from getting infected. Sources say the daughter suffers from lamellar ichtyosis and cannot tolerate soap.

The disease causes the baby’s skin to shed which requires constant moisturization to keep it manageable. Amelia’s condition also forces her mom to endure cruel comments from strangers, with people assuming Amelia is severely sunburnt and one even calling her selfish for wanting more children who could also develop the skin disease. Raven also gets a lot of backlash on the way she has to bathe her daughter. Raven says she puts two table spoons of bleach in her bathwater every other day. She says “It’s controversial, and not everybody is comfortable with it, but it’s been recommended by dermatologists and it’s the only way to kill the bacteria under her scales. If we don’t do this, she can get infections or pockets of oil, which show up like yellow bumps on her scalp. ”

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