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It’s been a WiLD and crazy year for Lizzo and she took time to state her gratitude and embrace it during her Tampa tour stop.

With such a high demand to see the leading lady at the Billboard charts right now, the show was actually moved months in advance from Jannus Live to the Yuengling Center in Tampa.

Her performances on the BET Awards and MTV VMAs captivated an audience that caused the uprising of her followers, the Lizzbians!

Tampa had been waiting for the ‘Truth Hurts’ singer to invade Tampa. Fans started to line up outside the Yuengling Center as they poured in to the venue in excitement. Needless to say, Lizzo did not disappoint with what felt like a gospel hour with her incredible chops as she belted out some of her greatest tunes. At times the crowd was singing so loud, it made it hard to hear the singer herself as she would just let the crowd finish the lyrics for her.

Lizzo brought the sexy as she performed her choreography sprinkled with a little twerking as her dancers joined in on the fan; driving the crowd NUTS! The only thing that drove fans even ,ore WiLD was the infamous appearance of Shasha Flute during her hit song at the top of the Billboard charts right now, ‘Truth Hurts’. Lizzo set up such a empowering vibe that made every single woman in the crowd feel like Superwoman ready to take on the next chapter in their lives filling them with self-love and ‘Good as Hell’.

She was everything fans expected to experience as crowds left, fans were saying ‘Oh my god… she’s a LEGEND’, ‘Best night of my life’ and ‘Oh my god I want to go to the next city to see the show again’. One things for sure… LIZZO, you better come back SOON!

Heaven Help Me
Cuz I Love You
Exactly How I Feel
Scuse Me
Water Me
“It’s My Party” / Crybaby
“Jigalow” Game / Like a Girl
Good as Hell
Truth Hurts