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Senior Darcy Kreuger was ready for her senior year Homecoming dance for Tampa Bay homeschooled students.

She was feeling great with her hair and jewelry showing off her black jumpsuit. Her excitement turned to disbelief and sadness when she was told by the dance organizer she allowed in because she was wearing pants.

Dance organizer Stephanie Voth’s dress code stated that girls must wear “semi-formal dresses” that were modest and conservative. She, however, allowed girls wearing strapless, knee-length and even two-piece dresses.

Voth says that she told Darcy she could come back if she changed and that she refunded the ticket price of $50 to her.

Darcy’s mom is upset, too, telling CNN “Why can’t a girl wear something other than a dress? This isn’t Little House on The Prairie.”

Is it time to stop telling girls they must wear dresses and skirts? Looking at the picture of Kreuger; do you think she broke any decency or modesty rules?