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Deep frying a turkey is the best way to cook them according to many. Its has a great taste and cooks much faster-

With all that said there are always problems that arise and if done wrong it can start a huge fire and you have to be prepared to take action if it gets to that point.


Don’t use a frozen turkey, or a partially frozen one. If you’re not sure if your turkey is frozen, stick your hand inside and feel for any ice crystals.

Do make sure your turkey and pot are completely dry.   “Oil and water never really mix, especially in this circumstance.”

Don’t fill your pot with too much oil.  “Because if you put a turkey with too much oil into that pot, the oil is going to boil over and cause a potentially catastrophic fire.’

Do put your turkey in the pot and fill with water beforehand. Once the water is a quarter of an inch over the turkey, take the turkey out and measure the water line. That’s how much oil you’ll need to use later.

Don’t deep fry your turkey anywhere in, or near your home, garage, under a covering, or on your deck. You want to be at least fifty feet away from your home.  “Your porch or your deck is often made of combustible materials and any potential for that fire to extend into the deck or porch area could create a much larger problem for you.”

Do use peanut oil. It will heat faster without burning.