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Alright it’s time we switch things up. You all have been asking, so we got answers! Does ABC Autotrader have any pick-up trucks? The answer is . . . ABSOLUTELY!!! It’s come to our attention that some of my WiLD peeps have careers or lifestyles that require an affordable pick up style vehicle so we asked ABC Autotrader and made it the Car-Of-The-Week! The sexy 2012 Nissan Titan is a rear wheel drive with a crew cab to tote the extra weight. That means four doors for you sedan’ers! With the blizzard white exterior and charcoal interior, this Titan is an automatic drive, so you save at the pump! Now even with the chrome accents, bedside & tailgate top moldings, I absolutely love the sun visors with EXTENDERS! WHAT?! We all understand the Florida sun, so this is crucial! You can check out all of this beauty’s features as Car-Of-The-Week on and a drive it yourself by giving them a ring at (813) 930-6300!

The CAR-OF-THE-WEEK that’s sponsored by ABC Autotrader is important because there are families and individuals out there who really need or want a new car and are just too afraid to take the next step. They are not sure where to shop, who to trust or feel like their money and credit aren’t good enough. That’s why I’ve teamed up with ABC Autotrader, on the corner of Busch and Nebraska in Tampa! So you can stay up to date on not only what’s available but how affordable it is. ABC Autotrader provides one, two and three year old cars, with low miles & FACTORY WARRANTY!

A lot of people are riding around in cars that are long overdue for an upgrade. If this sounds like you it’s okay. Don’t be scared about affordability, down payment, credit, interest rate and the whole nine. That’s why my family at ABC Autotrader has stepped into the ring! They literally specialize in helping the people with challenged credit get into newer and nicer cars. And to throw some ease in there, if you have a trade no matter how busted it is, they are giving you a minimum of $2,000 for it. They understand life, the circumstances, the challenges, and they want to help you overcome those obstacles. They not only work to get you financed, but they also teach you how to clean up your credit and what you can do to improve it quickly! With over 300 5-star reviews on Google, you can have peace of mind that when you walk into ABC Autotrader, they’re going to help you in more ways than one! Stop hesitating and call (813) 930-6300 or visit

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