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According to some of the bar industry’s leading pros, whiskey will most likely have a very good 2020. asked craft cocktail enthusiasts what those looking for a nice drink may look forward to in the new year.

Pros predict that Irish whiskey will continue to rise in popularity, with distillers using different grain and mix combos. Look for Australian whiskey to become a popular boozy addition to menus.

Mixologists also predict that cocktails will become more approachable and will help bring the Hotel Bar back to its former glory. Sustainability with products was also a trend that nearly a dozen names in the cocktail business said would be important to the bar industry.

…and no worries if you don’t imbibe; “low” or “no alcoholic” beverages will also have a better view on drink menus as some of the best bars in the world take their non-alcoholic drinks very seriously.

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