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Is it awkward to see a pregnant woman working out at the gym? The answer seems to be yes for some reason? The ones who have an issue with it the most… Shockingly enough, it’s mostly men!

There’s already a social stigma when it comes to a pregnant woman showing off their belly in public but now pregnant women are feeling shamed because they want to go to the gym and working out. Some men say a pregnant belly has no place in the gym and you should wait until after you give birth to show your face in at the gym again.

Fitness Guru and Instagram superstar Lauren Drain is trying to break those stereotypes. She created a powerful video while pregnant explaining all terrible things pregnant woman hear while working out and also showing off their belly in public.

Watch it below…

When I first got pregnant I had no idea pregnancy shaming was a thing???????? I was not prepared to be trolled or shamed for trying to stay strong, healthy & fit during the process. I knew trolls existed but it was hard to believe that people could be so cruel as to judge a woman who is trying to keep herself & baby healthy by staying active. For keeping fitness as a priority during this time & accuse her of harming her growing baby without anything knowledge, facts or compassion????????‍♀️ I love my daughter & the last thing I want is for her to be in any danger or bad health. Hearing these trolling comments that I would "scramble her brain" or "cause a miscarriage" shocked me to my core during a time when women can feel vulnerable with emotion & less secure of themselves & their bodies. Let's get this straight: training while pregnant will not harm a growing fetus if care is taken & the doctor has cleared you???????? Pregnant women are just as deserving to be in the gym training as anyone else. Their bellies are not disgusting???????? We all came from inside a mother's belly & it's a beautiful life forming miracle that we should welcome & embrace! Its empowering, strong & beautiful when a woman chooses to take care of her body, health & strength during this time. Pregnant mamas: We are strong. We are resilient. We are mothers. We love our babies. We are not trying to or putting them in danger. Do NOT let the vocal, misinformed minority get you down, make you feel insecure, like you are doing something wrong or anything else! You are doing great mama????I wanted to repost this for all my mammas to be that may be struggling with this???????? You are not alone and you are not in the wrong???????? If you're looking for help, guidance, motivation or just an amazing workout & meal plan that's worked for over 20,000 clients now; check out my 2020 New You 6 Week Challenge via link in my bio on @laurendrainfit ????????

28.9k Likes, 863 Comments - Lauren Drain Kagan (@laurendrainfit) on Instagram: "When I first got pregnant I had no idea pregnancy shaming was a thing???????? I was not prepared to be..."

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