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Wendy Williams is officially divorced.

Here are the details of the divorce according to TMZ.

The home they shared in New Jersey will be sold and split 50/50. Wendy keeps the Florida home where her mom lives.
Kevin will keep money from another home he owned. He will sell it.

They each owned equal parts of their production company. Kevin will see his 50% to Wendy. Wendy is paying Kevin a lump sum plus a severance package but amounts are unknown.

Kevin will keep the Ferrari and the Rolls Royce.

This is all final after Wendy filed for divorce in April of 2019 after finding out he was cheating on her and fathered a child with his mistress.

Wendy Williams Breaks Silence on TV After Filing for Divorce

Williams opened up about moving out of her sober house and starting a new life on her talk show.