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Tired of spending every Valentine’s Day alone, a Kansas man says he’s willing to pay $25,000 to the first person who can find him a girlfriend.

What’s more is Jeff Gebhart says he’ll also donate an additional $25,000 to the successful matchmaker’s favorite no-kill animal shelter. “The main objective of this is to find the right girl for me, wherever she is,” the Prairie Village resident says.

To narrow his list of possibilities, Gebhart has set up a website,, where matchmakers and potential girlfriends can take a survey that rates their compatibility with the 47-year-old. “You have a big number that apply, you put them through a Willy Wonka machine and the ones that come out are the ones that would be great candidates for me,” he says.

Meet the KC man who will pay you $25,000 if you find him a girlfriend

One Prairie Village man has come up with a plan to not only help him find love, but to help one local animal shelter.