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A 6-year-old girl was arrested in Orlando after she threw a huge tantrum hitting three teachers. When police arrived at the scene she was listening to a school employee read her a story and extremely calm but then the officer cuffed her with zip ties and she started crying.

You can see the body cam footage below of the arrest which was shared by the girls family who’s very upset about this event.

She police officer said he’s arrested 6,000 people in his career but the youngest was 7, until now.

She little girl is a 1st grader at a charter school and had a massive meltdown (tantrum) earlier in the day. She ended up kicking punching three school employees which is why she was arrest on a charge of misdemeanor battery.

Body camera video shows arrest of 6-year-old girl at Orlando school

Body camera video shows a 6-year-old girl crying and begging as she's arrested at an Orlando school.