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Remember the Blue Bell Ice Cream licking phenomenon?

People would film themselves licking the ice cream then put it back in the stores fridge.

24 year old D’Adrien Anderson was one of those people who filmed himself licking Blue Bell Ice Cream, put it back in the Wal-Mart fridge then posted the video to his social media. One catch-he bought the ice cream he actually licked.

In court he provided a receipt but that did not matter.

He will now spend 30 days in jail, 180 days of probation over two years, 100 hours of community service, pay $1,000 in fine and another $1,565 fine to Blue Bell.

Port Arthur police not ruling out charges after viral video appears to show man licking Blue Bell

Police in Port Arthur now say that a man seen in a Facebook video licking a container of Blue Bell ice cream had a receipt showing he purchased the ice cream...