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In 2019 James Shelly Of Sarasota found noose hanging in the garage where he works. The company he worked for, Greater Bay Plumbing, has denied all claims. Shelly who has kept quiet about this situation for a year, says the recent events caused him to come forward. When he first started working there everything was fine, but then the racial jokes started. Once Shelly discovered the noose, he complained, but then was fired. He even says that some of the other employees who were all white, would say thing’s like “You should try it out.” Shelly has since then filed a civil rights lawsuit which is still active.

Sarasota man kept mum about noose he found, until now

A federal civil rights lawsuit alleges that Greater Bay Plumbing, a Sarasota business, fired its sole Black employee after he complained about racist behavior. SARASOTA - James Shelley says he knows what racism is like. He also says he kept his mouth shut for a year until recent events prompted him to come forward.

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