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We’re six months into 2020 and most are ready to hit reset and start the game over.

Somebody kick the cord, please. From the worst, eye opening disparity in race relations finally reaching the mass population, to murder hornets and a sand storm that traveled across the ocean, from THE SAHARA DESERT! This is a lot to deal with.

However the most confusing, yet volatile chapter of our 2020 nightmare is the coronavirus. The fallout has affected millions of lives, families, and the economy with very little understanding about how we deal with this new intrusion on life.

More personally, I have tested positive for the virus and been inside a guest room, in my house, for the past 17 days. The strain on my work, at the station, and inability to hug my daughters is heavy, but it pales in comparison to numbers of people, who are fighting this virus, along with the worst of symptoms. I’m asymptomatic, meaning I’ve never experienced the bad side of this, even with the health department removing me from their call list, because I’m no longer “a risk to spread after 10 days of no symptoms”, per the studies they’ve seen.

Orlando Davis

IYKYK...if not, lemme tell you about a legend. To say I know Joe Bullard is a blessing. To say I was able to listen to him speak for the best marching band, in the land, every game was a treasure....

Can I hug my kids now? Am I good to call a staff meeting, at WiLD? What do these antibodies, that I now apparently have, actually mean? No one has been able to tell me. I have questions. Many of us have questions and then…many simply don’t care which brings about more danger!

Orlando shares his most recent COVID-19 test results.


We were put in touch with Dr. Aliyah Baluch, a member of Moffitt Cancer Center’s Infectious Disease, and she agreed to join the morning show with Yanina Pasikhova, a clinical pharmacist, from their team, to shed light on what we should know and answer our questions.

We hope this information helps many of you stay safe, protect your families and friends.

Orlando Davis – host of “Orlando and the Freakshow”