Coronavirus Information Center

If you have a small business in Hillsborough County, you can put in a request for one of those no-contact infrared thermometers from the Office of Emergency Management, according to Channel 8.

They have 1,250 to hand out with a limit of one for each business. You just need to fill out this form. They’ll reach out to you to let you know when and where you can pick up your thermometer. Be sure to bring your tax info.

For more info, email or call (813) 221-6561. [Source: Channel 8]

10 States Florida Travelers Might Want To Avoid

You don’t want to spend your vacation in quarantine, but if you travel right now to these states, that’s how you’ll spend your trip. Chances are you only get two weeks of vacation a year. So these are states you should avoid traveling to right now, according to Channel 8. Many of these states are worried about travelers from coronavirus hotspots like Florida so they’re imposing a mandatory 14 day quarantine period.

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