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There are reports in the wrestling world that Wrestlemania 37 will be held in Tampa to make up for having lost it in 2020 due to Covid-19. What is WWE saying?

According to RingsideNews.com story, Tampa will host Wrestlemania 37, about a month after the NFL has their championship in Raymond James Stadium. SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles was the location scheduled to be the home for the event in 2021. However, when looking further into the possibility, some reports are confirming the rumor, but some are being met with less-helpful information. Reporter Jon Alba contacted WWE and received, in part, a message:

The event was scheduled to take place in Los Angeles in March of 2021, but the L.A. Times has reported that large gatherings at events may be postponed until well into the new year. Once the WWE responds with more details on how they will handle Wrestlemania 37, we’ll have that information available. They haven’t yet said it isn’t coming to Tampa.