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Been looking for a local tournament to test those NBA 2K skills?

Saturday, January 30th go show off at Cloud 9 Hookah Lounge at 8404 N Armenia Ave Tampa FL. The tournament starts at 2pm and a small Entry fee is required to compete. $500 grand prize, $175 for second place and you get a free entry in their future Madden 21 tournament!

Rules are 5 minute quarters, 2 loss elimination, you cannot choose the same 2 teams, no classic teams or non-current NBA teams, no blowout rules all games must be played to the end, a coin toss decides who gets home and picks 1st team, updated rosters must be used, 1 buy in person, random matches will be drawn up and 4 large flat-screen TVs will be used for all the action!  Masks are required.

For more info contact @doublerusa on Instagram or call 813-460-3925

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