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Scampa Bay is back in the news!!!

A Tampa man lost his job at a marketing and web design company after he was exposed for advertising a fake COVID-19 vaccine card business. A woman who saw his video on TikTok figured out what he was doing and revealed the entire scam.

A Mississippi pharmacist named Savannah Malm called James Koncar out for his fake vaccination video that was captioned “F*ck masks.”

She also showed Koncar’s LinkedIn profile and several TikToks of him being misogynistic and using racist language. Just six hours after her post, Tampa marketing company Thirteen05 announced it had fired Koncar, who lives in Wesley Chapel.

“We don’t have time to joke. Patient safety and public health are not a joke. Over 500,000 people dead is not a joke. Creating vaccine skepticism when this could end the pandemic is not a joke. If you’re going to post it on social media, I’m going to respond on social media.”