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Today is a holiday!

Many are up on it, while some will stare, with an uninformed gaze, after you hit them with the cheery “happy 4/20” today! There are a lot of stories of where the numeric label came about. Some say the campus of UC Berkley, other’s credit grateful dead heads but most Cheetos flavor covered fingers point to San Rafael High, in San Rafael, California in the early 70’s. Five students, who called themselves “the waldos” because their hang out spot was located on the wall, outside the school. At 4:20, these green thumbs would meet, at the Louis Pasteur statue, and partake. High times magazine’s Steven Hager raised the secret code to legendary status, when it’s readers embraced it as the nationwide, socially acceptable time-stamp for communal cannabis usage.

With medicinal usage, now on the rise, it’s not exactly taboo, like it used to be. Many April 20th’s have hit the calendar, with very respected broadcast professionals wondering what that strange scent was, wafting through the hallways of the radio ranch. Of course, no one knew, however there was an idea. Seems with today, landing on Taco Tuesday, viva la Mexico shall be the battle cry of those enjoying the day.

All day, celebrations shall occur and when you do, weed like to remind you of some of the great tunage that sets the mood for today’s tribute to earth, plants and medicinal gifts of nature. From Bob Marley and Rick James, to Cypress Hill, Travis $cott and Chance The Rapper, the praises of the green make today’s scent even stronger!

Be safe, be smart, and definitely don’t make the news, on a perfectly enjoyable Tuesday! Happy 4-20!!

Some songs to celebrate the day
“Smoke Buddah” – Redman
“Because I Got High” – Afroman
“Hits From The Bong” – Cypress Hill
“Smoke Break” – Chance The Rapper
“Antidote” – Travis $cott
“I Got 5 On It” – Luniz
“Mary Jane” – Rick James
“Sticky Green” – Devin The Dude
“Purple Swag” – A$AP Rocky
“I Wanna Get High” – Cypress Hill
“Legalize It” – Sean Paul
“I Smell Smoke” – Mystikal
“Smoke Two Joints” – “Sublime
“Crumblin Erb” – Outkast
“Da Chronic” – Dr. Dre
“Pass The Dutchie” – Musical Youth
“We Be Burnin” Sean Paul
“Good Times” – Styles P
“How High” – Redman & Method Man
“Mary Jane” – Scarface
“Brown Sugar” – D’angelo
“Kaya” – Bob Marley
“Higher” – Rihanna
“Buddah Loverz” – Bone Thugs & Harmony