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MIAMI, FLORIDA - JANUARY 09: Newly sworn-in Gov. Ron DeSantis attends an event at the Freedom Tower where he named Barbara Lagoa to the Florida Supreme Court on January 09, 2019 in Miami, Florida. Mr. DeSantis was sworn in yesterday as the 46th governor of the state of Florida.

Following a year in which anti-police sentiment reached a fever pitch in the United States, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has unveiled a plan to reward the state’s law enforcement with $1,000 bonuses.

DeSantis says the bonus, which will also be given to other first responders in the state, is his way of thanking emergency workers for everything they do. “I asked the legislature in this legislative session, we need to do bonuses for law enforcement,” DeSantis says. “Some wanted to defund the police. We’re funding the police, and then some.”

According to FOX News, the payments will be sent out in one lump sum to first responders including firefighters, EMTs and the police.

There’s no word on when the payments will be sent out.