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Our Lightning National Anthem singer and fan favorite Sonya Bryson-Kerksey is the hospital after she was diagnosed with COVID-19.

On game day, you’ve heard her voice singing the National Anthem for years making it an awe-inspiring deeply patriotic song. The crowd always goes wild for her when she walks onto the ice wearing a Lightning Jersey and her trademark bright blue lipstick shining in the arena lights.

She’s always urged her fans to get vaccinated, wanting the public to be proactive about protecting themselves and their family members.

Then, out of nowhere she tested positive for the virus. This isn’t good news especially since she was already considered high risk because of her underlying condition, Multiple sclerosis. On her Instagram page, she’s documented her journey, including photos of her smiling during her infusion treatments.

Her COVID-19 diagnoses has caused many health complications including hospitalization but her husband hasn’t left her side the entire time.

She had one message as she sit in her hospital bed, “Go get vaccinated.”