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This story is very crazy, and I think the whole entire family needs to be arrested. According to reports An Oklahoma man has been arrested for rape after he took his pregnant 12 year old girlfriend to the hospital to give birth. Police say the man was confused as to why they even showed up, because her family was ok with their relationship. Pictures of the couple have been scrubbed off of Facebook, that showed her family being very supportive at the “couples” baby shower.The suspect who is 24-year-old Juan Miranda-Jara, admitted to police he has been in a relationship with the child since October 2020.

man arrested after 12-year-old arrives 9 months pregnant Tulsa hospital

Oklahoma man arrested after 12-year-old arrives at Tulsa hospital 9 months pregnant. Listen as Jay Lava and Tz Von Savage chop it up on Keep It P PodcastDon'...

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