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SAN DIEGO, CA - APRIL 1: Max (L) and Bella Garijo (R) watch tv in the living room while the makeup artist Carlos Gonzales do his job to transform Diego Garijo in his alter Ego, Lola Pistola at his house on April 01, 2021 in San Diego, California. Born in Guanajuato, Mexico, Garijo was brought to the U.S. by his mother when he was a child. After serving several jail sentences in his youth, Garijo's career as a professional MMA fighter started in 2006. He recorded seven victories in the ring until 2012, when a detached retina put the sport on hold. But in 2018 Garijo returned to a bloodier sport, bare-knuckle boxing, where he has one win and one defeat. In the ring, he is known as Dos Pistolas (Two Guns) but on the drag scene in San Diego, he goes by Lola Pistola. He defines himself as an artist, poet, professional fighter, and part-time drag queen. A few years ago, without abandoning his passion for painting, he started performing drag as an experiment in vulnerability and getting out of his comfort zone after taking a course on emotional intelligence. His first appearance as a drag queen was in an amateur contest, in which the winner shared the prize with him, saying that he had been better. Now he sees it as a natural extension of his creativity and wants to pursue a career as a drag queen in the near future. But, due to the coronavirus, he didn't have a chance to appear on stage, but he attended two art exhibition openings dressed as a drag queen. (Photo by Apu Gomes/Getty Images)

Covid-19 had a lot of things on standby but there are somethings that are coming to an end. One of the things that is coming up is eviction. Yes this is a sad situation but its been held off for a long time now. If you need information on what is happening within the next weeks if not couple days. You need to click here to be informed on the eviction to a lot of families.