WiLD Headlines

We are watching two weather systems going into the weekend.

We now have the 11a (8/13) weather update for Fred.

It is still a tropical depression with winds at 35 MPH. Fred is moving at 12 MPH WNW and on the coast of Cuba. The track is pushing more west and has a bit of the Tampa Bay area still in the cone of uncertainty. Right now, it shows Fred off the coast of the Tampa Bay area Sunday morning.

ABC Chief Meteorologist Denis Phillis says on his Facebook, “We could potentially see a watch issued later today.” He doesn’t seem to be panicking, so just remember his RULE #7.


Now on to the new kid in town, Potential Tropical Cyclone 7. Coming off the coast of Africa it is moving west at 21 MPH with winds at 35 MPH. Weather gurus are keeping an eye on it, but a lot can happen.