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MIAMI - MAY 17: Tom Batchelor puts his hand in the mouth of an alligator during a wildlife show at the Gator Park in the Florida Everglades May 17, 2006 in Miami-Dade County. There has been a record three deaths attributed to alligator attacks in Florida in the month of May. Tom blames the recent deaths on alligators that have become comfortable around human beings. "They lose their fear of man, associate man with food and eventually man becomes food", he said. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
An alligator handler in Utah is is lucky to still have here hand after a gator clamped down on her hand. The employee was showing the gators to some customers when the gator grabbed her. The gator even did a death roll while her hand was in it’s mouth!! 
Luckily for her, a guest sprung into action and jumped on the gators back, stopping the gator from doing anymore death rolls. Finally the gator let go of her hand and another guest pulled out. After being on the gators back for a bit longer, the guest was able to hop off and escape.