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This story is so sad but Im happy she survived! A woman named Nicole Jones has went viral describing how she was shot 17 times by her boyfriends side chick. She is a nurse and said she was dating this man for a year. Half way through the year he begin to cheat on her. The woman he cheated with became crazy and deranged. Nicole says her boyfriend began lying to the both of them. One day the side chick got so upset that she went to Nicole’s house and shot her 17 times. Nicole went to the hospital and was in a coma for 4 days. When she woke up she couldnt feel her legs. Through rehab and surgery she is now able to walk but with a cane. Here her story below.

Her Boyfriend's Side Chick Sh⭕️T Her 17 Times 😱😱🔫

Girl tells how she was SHOT 17 TIMES by her BOYFRIEND'S SIDE PIECEAfter a year of dating, the woman's boyfriend cheats on her with a girl who starts to show ...

Woman Shot 17 Times By Side Chick 😮😥

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Woman Shot 17 Times By Her Man's Side Chick | Reaction

This Reaction A Woman Shot 17 Times By Her Man's Side Chick . This Is so sad just from someone cheating and having a side chick. Nicole James was at home whe...

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