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Listen and Download BUCs (Back To Back) Orlando, Leegit & LA The Goat

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Champa Bay rules apply here because, as we know,, our team only focuses on the next battle.  They never want to get ahead of themselves.  However our legion of riders and pewter pirates can feel the repeat vibes, in the air.  Can you smell back to back trophies?  What about back to back boat parades and back to back Tipsy Tom pics?  We definitely can, so WiLD’s Orlando and Tommy Carrozza collabed with the Bays own Leegit and LATheGoat (So So Def/Def Jam) to rep for our Buccaneers squad and fans!  This is the perfect bounce for your tailgating with a Raymond James spin on Jack Harlow & Pooh Shiesty’s hit “SUVs”.


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