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A 47-year-old mother from California was caught hosting secret parties where she kept giving the teens alcohol, condoms and even watched as they had sex!

Shannon O’Connor allegedly loved throwing these wild parties and kept them a secret from her husband and other parents. She would set up the events and would watch as drunk teenage boys would mount and grope girls at the party.

She would sit back and watch the 14 and 15-year-old kids get so drunk they “would vomit, be unable to stand, and fall unconscious.”

One party she threw, a drunk 14-year-old girl was lying on a bed passed out and she pushed a boy in the room with a condom.

“[The girl] was afraid, ran and locked herself in the bathroom,” the statement said.

The DA said, “It took a lot of brave children to come forward and to untangle this deeply disturbing case.”


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