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Sometimes Florida man commits so many crimes in a single day that it’s difficult to sum it all up in one story.

Here’s a guy, Brandon Marti… Police say the man was arrested while trying to steal a helicopter at the Kissimmee Airport.

Cops caught him as he was pushing various buttons in an attempt to make take off. The crime spree began much earlier though, when police were notified about a hit-and-run car accident at about 8 a.m. A quick investigation identified the driver as Brandon Marti.

Shortly after the crash, there was a report of a break-in that also involved the SAME man. During the burglary, they say a Nissan Altima was stolen from the residence.

Later, Nissan Altima was rammed into the gate at a local airport, leaving the vehicle disabled. It didn’t stop there, he then ran to a nearby F150 pickup truck, fighting with the owner for a few moments before successfully stealing that truck. Marti, who is a former University of Miami football player, drove the stolen truck directly towards a helicopter. Once he parked, he tried to start the helicopter, but just couldn’t get it figured out.

Security guards approached the man, and after a brief altercation, Marti got back into the truck and drove away. Osceola deputies were able to flatten the truck’s tires during a short chase. When the truck came to a stop, Marti tried to steal another car that was close-by, but he was taken into custody with a taser before he was able to cause any more chaos. HE WAS DETERMINED!

Marti is charged with carjacking, burglary, grand theft, aggravated assault on a LEO, fleeing, eluding and criminal mischief.


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