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This is pretty insane! Hundreds of people were falsely arrested that rented Hertz cars and sometimes jailed for months after Hertz listed their cars as stolen.

Here’s what happened… Hertz would often lose track of their vehicles and instead of trying to find them they would instead file a theft report with the police. Hertz would then used an unreliable computer system so when the car would come back they would rent them out to customers but they’d still be flagged as stolen!!!

These customers would then be falsely arrested and sometimes jailed for months. Some of these people suffered heart attacks, seizures, and strokes. Some of them lost custody of their children and even lost their homes because they were stuck in jail.

More than 170 people from several states have filed legal complaints against Hertz and lawyers are saying they could have thousands of people from all over the country come forward soon.

Hertz filed for bankruptcy during the pandemic putting the claims on hold.


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