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There’s a new scam and officials say it’s happening 5-10 times a week across the Tampa Bay area. Virtual kidnapping!! Criminals are calling people claiming they have your kid and are demanding money for their release. This exact situation happened to Eric Nunez.

He was working when he received a call and the person on the other end said he was just involved in a fender bender with his daughter. He also added that he took his daughter because he had 10 kilos of cocaine in the car, and she was creating a scene. He told Nunez not to hang up or he would hurt his daughter. When he asked to speak to his daughter the person had a female in the background crying!

Nunez said “He wanted $1,500, but I told him I didn’t have that.” He ended up going to the bank and wiring $600 to the person on the phone. Once the money went through, the person hung up. After Nunez then got in touch with his wife and daughter, he realized it was a scam.

St. Pete PD says if you ever get a call like this, get the person’s name and phone number, hang up, do your own research, and call 911 right away.

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