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You’ve heard of people having bad weddings before but you’ve never heard of a bride passing out, puking… and then being pooped on all on her wedding day!

The bride told her husband that she wasn’t feeling well and he thought he was joking and it all went downhill after that!

Just as the pastor began officiating their wedding she fell limp into her hubby’s arms then walked over to the railing of the gazebo and started puking everywhere.

She explained, “I was super dehydrated, and I hadn’t drank or ate anything all day.”

After she puked she then passed out which she prone to because of her low blood pressure and low iron. So how did poop get mixed in in with the whole mess?

She went on to explain, “After I passed out … My sister had a fan on my baby nephew, so she came over to me to put that fan on me, and as she was holding my nephew he starts pooping. And the poop goes down her arm and onto my dress.”


Reply to @denise_84 part two- sorry I’m shaking I was nervous but I hope this explains everything 😅😂 sorry I’m repetitive

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