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Twitter is going off about a rumor that Drake puts hot sauce in his condoms after he’s done so groupies can’t steal his sperm to get pregnant!

An Instagram model came forward with an odd story about hooking up with Drake one night. She said they met on IG and we’re DM’ing back and forth when he invited her to his house. After they both smoked a little he asked her if she wanted to hook up. He specifically asked her several times in order to get her consent to have sex.

After the sexual tryst, which she says was mainly ‘doggy style’ he went to the bathroom to throw out the condom and tied a knot in it. She then went to the bathroom, found the used condom and inserted it inside her! Her lady parts immediately started to sting with pain and she started to scream in pain. Drake ran in to check on her and he admitted putting hot sauce in the condom. She now plans to sue for the incident.

Drake responded to the rumor on Instagram…


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