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HOUSTON, TX - FEBRUARY 18: A person carries empty propane tanks, bringing them to refill at a propane gas station after winter weather caused electricity blackouts on February 18, 2021 in Houston, Texas. Winter storm Uri brought severe temperature drops causing a catastrophic failure of the power grid in Texas. About two million people are without electricity throughout Houston.

A Florida man was arrested after he allegedly threw a propane tank through his ex-wife’s back door.

34-year-old Steven Colin Slayton-Munday was arrested on Tuesday after a warrant for his arrest was issued on armed burglary charges, according to police. Reports say this all happened on December 20, 2021.

Slayton-Munday allegedly went to his ex-wife’s home and started knocking on her bedroom window. When the ex-wife decided to hide with her kids instead of answer, he threw a propane tank through the back door of her home, according to an arrest warrant.

But the confrontation didn’t end there. Apparently, Slayton-Munday then took a kitchen knife and cut his left arm. Reports say he yelled, “look what you made me do.”

Law enforcement arrived shortly after he left the scene. However, police say they found him at a nearby AdventHealth, where he was Baker Acted and put under arrest.

[Source: Villages-News]

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