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In Orlando this past weekend a woman named Shannon Fraser was walking her dog in a park when she ran into a young boy who said he was desperate for help.

He said, “My phone is dead. I can’t find my family or friends. I’ve lost them. Can I please use your phone to call them?”

So, of course she handed over her phone to help him out and she stood just one foot away as he called someone. He put his friend on speaker, opened up her Google Maps app and found where his friends were located. After that they both left and she didn’t think anything about it.

Then Monday morning Fraser said, “I get alerts from my bank that my two Venmo transfers were approved. One was in the amount of $1,800. The other one was in the amount of $2,000. And that’s when I stopped dead in my tracks.”

She called Venmo immediately and discovered the boy had set up a new account within 30 minutes before she met the boy.

Shockingly enough, in just three minutes the boy took nearly $4,000. Venmo credited her everything that was taken and will make the funds fully available after the investigation is complete.


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