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Every parents nightmare! The Florida Department of Health released a video of a toddler who walked out of a Clearwater day care and right into three lanes of traffic!!! Thankfully, a driver stopped to help the baby and called the police.

I guess this isn’t the first issue at the day care facility, as a matter of fact they’ve had previous issues with lack of supervision. Shockingly, after the toddler walked into traffic the establishment did not take forceful action.

Here’s what happened with the toddler running into traffic… The day care notified the parent Marissa Addison that her 2-year-old son Mayson briefly went outside. At first she didn’t overreact because she knew he loved to explore. But then two weeks later, a former employee called her with a completely different story.

Addison said, “Wait a minute, he got into the road? What do you mean he got into the road? I was on fire.”

The story was then backed up by nine surveillance video clips the Florida Department of Health released showing alone Mayson in the hallway on Nov. 16, 2021. After a few minutes Mayson then walked out of the day care, down the ramp and straight into three lanes of traffic right on Highland Avenue.


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