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A Polk County Man was killed inside of a Porta Potty. This happened after he was crushed by a bulldozer. Arron Henderson of Winter Haven Florida died Friday at the Polk County North Central Landfill. The Sheriffs office tells us that another worker was driving the bulldozer up and embankment in order to park it and the blade of the bulldozer blocked his view. He did not see the porta potty and ended up crushing Henderson who was inside. The driver realized he had ran over the Porta potty when he heard a big crumbling sound. The driver came off the bulldozer and immediately went to see if anyone was inside. He realized Henderson was in there and found him unresponsive. This is the first death to happen at this facility. Prayers to Hendersons family. According to social media, he is survived by his several children.

I just called my mom about this story because something similar happened to her friend who she worked at a plant with. A man who was driving a machine ran over and crushed her friend. Her friend had his head phones in and could not hear the machine coming. The man driving the machine could not see my moms friend down below. Both are very sad and unfortunate stories. 🙁
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