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Our Music Director Christine Peters aka Brewsta is about to be evicted from her apartment and the reason might shock you!

Starting January 18, 2022 her water heater broke and flooded her entire place.

This was not the first time her water heater has busted! As a matter of fact, this happened a total of four times! Christine and her son were forced to move in with her father in the meantime and to make things worse she just found the apartment is engulfed in mold! The mold is so bad that it’s considered ‘crystalized’ inside the walls, air conditioner and air ducts. All of this has left her apartment completely uninhabitable.

The apartment complex barely fixed the water heater to begin with and that’s why her apartment kept flooding. She had to deal with several plumbers that told her water heater needed to be replaced immediately but they didn’t listen. After it broke for the fourth time the complex finally replaced it.

Since Christine hasn’t lived there in months she hasn’t paid her rent since there’s been so many issues. Now they’re saying if she doesn’t pay her rent they’re going to evict her which will effect her credit and stop her from renting a new apartment in the future.




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