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Trying to make extra money? Well, if you’re good at naming stuff add this to your list! Expectant parents are paying tons of money for the “professional baby namer” to pick their kids forever name.

Taylor A. Humphrey, 33, is now making more than $150,000 a year by helping these families. Some parents have even panicked and called her up for help offering up to $10,000 to name their offspring.

According to her website whatsinababyname.com, she offers three levels of professional baby naming services: Bespoke Baby Name Lists, Guidance and Counseling and full-service baby naming concierge.

The Professional “Baby Namer” services can range from a brief consult and filling out an online questionnaire to a “luxury, all-inclusive package that is limited only by your own imagination.” Prices for each level are not listed on the website.

She also offers Doula services and Reiki work for soon-to-be-moms as well.

Taylor has been featured on Romper.com and Yahoo Life. She also appeared on the Tamron Hall Show in October of 2021 where she gave tips for choosing a baby name that parents won’t hate later. She said that Moses is on her short list of baby names for her future children. Taylor also suggests to would-be-parents is to start a running list of names they love and names they hate and go from there.


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