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Woah! Two public school leaders out of Arizona who both work on ‘diversity and inclusion’ were upset because they thought the school hired a DJ who showed up in blackface to the school’s fundraiser. Turns out the DJ wasn’t in blackface, he is actually a Black man!

At Hopi Elementary in Phoenix they hired a DJ to host their largest fundraiser of the year raising over $300,000 but some found an issue with Kim Koko Hunter’s skin tone.

Jill Lassen and Stuart Rhoden (who is himself a Black man) an advocate for diversity at the School District both complained to the principal and PTA about the blackface DJ but they were quickly informed that Hunter is in fact a Black man.

Stuart and Rhoden have since apologized but the irony has not escaped the situation that they’re the head of ‘diversity and inclusion’ working as activists who rushed to a false conclusion.

On person tweeted, ‘When you are so hell bent on pointing out everyone as a racist, only to uncover yourself as the racist’.